Ultimate Toddler Activity for 2 year olds

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Hi Everybody! It’s Tranda, the matching mommy. Today I have a super fun toddler activity that is a budget friendly DIY that the kids will enjoy helping you make in the kitchen. And don’t worry, its not a major mess either! And i have a great trick to make it extra fun no matter what time of the year!

You know those wonderful Canadian winter cold spells when you are stuck indoors for days at a time and both you and the kids are going stir crazy and getting major cabin fever?? Well, you came to the right place. I’ve got your back. One of our favourite family recipes and DIY toddler activities is……no cook PLAY DOUGH!!

I remember making play dough in school years ago and absolutely loved it. I made it regularly for my oldest, who is now 18 (cue all the tears) and he would entertain himself for hours playing with it. Also, when taken care of this play dough can last well up to a couple of months!

So now, fast forward a few (ok a lot) of years and I am not only parenting an 18 year old but TWO TODDLERS as well! Life is crazy isn’t it? In the best way 🙂

When I’m not dreaming of the beach and how to escape the Canadian winter I am doing plenty of activities like this where I can teach my kids fine motor skills, spend time teaching them in the kitchen, and get them involved in DIY activities that they can actually participate in.

Let’s go over what ingredients you need for this activity!

1/2 cup salt

1.5 cups flour

2 TBSP oil

1 tsp. cream of tartar

1 cup boiling water

Mix all ingredients together and knead a few times until is it smooth. One of my favourite things about making this recipe and what makes it even more toddler friendly is my kids can add the ingredients themselves, with the exception of the boiling water.

Levi is turning three in October but he loves to be in the kitchen with me and help whenever he can. Thankfully it is great practice for him to measure and stir the ingredients. Trust me, I’m a bit OCD with the kitchen being clean but it barely makes a mess at all!

At this point we like to add food colouring but I will tell you another little trick that is fun and adds something extra that the toddlers love! Since we made this in the fall we used pumpkin pie spice to bring a fall feel to our play dough.

It smelt amazing! Some other fun ideas would be to add some sparkles, or cinnamon, even some essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus! The possibilities are endless!

Oh and get out those cookie cutters and rolling pins to let your toddlers experiment with shapes and texture! Spatulas are a big hit in our house too to use with play dough.

I hope you try this ultimate toddler activity for 2 year olds with your kids! And if you do please comment below and let me know how it went!

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Tranda the Matching Mommy

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