How to Master Your Room Remodel in 10 Easy Steps

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Master Your next Remodel in 10 Easy Steps!

If you are planning to remodel a space in your home you might be super excited and equally a bit overwhelmed too. It can be challenging to know where to start and what you should focus on to make your dream space come together! Don’t worry you can Relax. I’m here to make it much easier for you! Read below to see how YOU can Master Your Room Remodel in 10 East Steps!

    The first step to any room remodel is to measure the current space that you are working with. Everything from the length of the walls, space between windows and the length of any key features in the room such as a fireplaces ect. This will give you a good base to understand that size of space you are working with. It is also helpful to measure your current furniture to know exactly what size items fit or if you have more space to work with.

    This is one of my favourite steps during any project! You can find inspiration in so many places; books, magazines, tv, even social media. Try and be as specific as you can during your searching. For example, instead of typing in “family room” you could search “small family room” or “rectangle shaped family room” to ensure your search results fit the space you need. Don’t worry if you haven’t defined your personal style yet. Pick out similar items, colours or looks that you gravitate towards and looks that you love. Save those all in a special folder to build a reference point to check back on in the event you get overwhelmed! A secret tip to master your remodel is sticking to what you know you like even if your style isn’t completely defined yet.

    A room planner tool is one of the best things you can use to put your inspiration for your room in a visual way that helps take the overwhelm out of what to do. There are many free room planner tools available online and they are really easy to use. Choose one and start adding in the wall dimensions and any windows or fireplaces first. Then, based on inspiration you gathered start adding in furniture and tables in a few different layouts. I suggest printing a few different options. This is so handy because it looks like an overview snapshot of the room and instantly you will gravitate towards one or two options.

    Now it’s the fun part, shopping! Hands down my husband would say this is my favourite! Haha. Be sure to visit a store that has a good selection of items and accessories. It is much easier to visualize a space when you can see the items in a show room with side tables, accents ect. I also prefer to pick a store that has custom options available that way I’m not stuck finding an item I like in a colour I don’t like! You are likely to have a much better shopping experience when things like colour and finish are personal to your choice.

    You know that saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day?”, well your room isn’t likely to be finished in a day either. One of the top steps you don’t want to skip is taking 2 or 3 fabric samples home. This can include fabric for couches, blinds, pillows or whatever project you are working on. Taking the time to look at the fabric in the lighting of your own how is vital to understanding if the colour will work in your space.

  6. PAINT
    The most cost effective way to transform your room by far is with paint! When you are considering your budget for a room remodel, paint can often be one of your best investments. Once you have decided on furniture colours and have the fabric samples in your space you can start looking at paint shades. Do you want light and airy? Or dark and moody? Maybe your answer lies somewhere in between. Gather some paint colours (I always grab lots then weed them out) and see what works best with your fabric choice. Just like with the fabric you will want to see the colour in daylight and nighttime to see if it works in your space.

    A well lit room is super important in any space! Depending on the kind of lighting your room needs it can range from a cost effective fix to a solid investment you will enjoy for years to come. When we renovated out family room it was lacking both natural and artificial lighting. We knew that iour family room would be the room we spend the most amount of time in so it made sense to spend the money on updating the lighting. We added two windows in order to increase natural light and 12 pot lights (as opposed to the one original light) and the room is totally transformed! Even if you aren’t going all out, sometimes if it is a main space in the house the major lighting updates are totally worth it!

    After you have brought your fabric samples home, looked at paint options, and decided on lighting, it is time to order your furniture! It is better to start with the full plan from the beginning so you have time to execute while you are waiting on your new furniture! After your order is made you can get started on paint/wallpaper and any lighting updates you want to do so when your new couches or sectional arrives you are ahead of the game and ready to put it in the room and start enjoying your updated space!

  9. DECOR
    One of the best ways to bring your personality into your space it with the decor. After you have your couch you can start adding the special touches to the room that bring the space together. This includes accent tables, wall decor, lamps, baskets and blankets, basically all the finishing touches to bring the space together! Start with shopping your home to see if there are any items you could move around into the space. Sometimes moving around pictures and pillows from one room to another can give your room a new updated feel. Don’t be scared to take your time and find the exact pieces that speak to you! This is another reason I like to shop at a store that has both furniture and accents so you can accent your new furniture all at one spot and maximize your time!

    Did you know that certain plants can actually help filter the air? This is especially important in cooler environments where we spend so much time inside! Plants also produce oxygen helping us breathe better. A pop of green from plants creates a positive environment which promotes relaxation and reduces stress. Don’t worry if you don’t quite have a green thumb or your too busy taking care of little humans to add another thing to take care of to your list. There are a few plants that provide all the health benefits above that are hearty and don’t require that much care. My tip is to pick a day of the week to water them and add it to your calendar. After a few weeks it becomes routine and you and your new house plants can both enjoy your new space.
10 Easy Ways to Master Your Room Remodel!

I hope you enjoyed my top tips on how to master your room remodel in 10 easy steps! Let me know in the comments below your favourite point, or if you have pictures of your remodelled space I’d love to see them!

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