Holiday Gift Guide for Him

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Can you believe this time of the year is almost here?

It is now time to start searching for the perfect gift for the men in your life. Why so early? Because men are notoriously the hardest to buy for!

It’s never too early to start thinking about what to get the men in your life for Christmas! In fact, I live for the hints my husband throws out about what he might need or want and store it in my memory bank for gifts! Unlike my skill of dropping hints all the time (good skill if you ask me), my husband isn’t so forth coming with ideas and its a lot harder to get them out of him. And my dad is famouse for saying “I don’t need anything” for every holiday and birthday.

I can’t be the only one with hard to buy for men in my life? Right? haha.

Below is a round up of my top Holiday Gift Guide selections for Him with input from ages 18-65! No need to pester your husband, dad, sons or brother for gifts ideas this year, I got you covered!

I mean, unless you want to go battle it out for a parking spot in -40 degree weather only to find out the one item your husband finally hinted that he might want, was sold out! No thanks! If you are like me and want ideas ahead of time so you can weigh the options and buy it early before it sells out? Then by all means read on!

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

1. Blundstones

A solid investment since they can handle colder temperatures but have plenty of grip. Also, they are basic enough to be dressed up or down.

2. Lululemon (shirts, shorts, sweats)

Comfortable basics that will last years and are also items that the men are less likely to buy for themselves. I bought my husband a pear of sweats a few years ago for Christmas and they are hands down his favourite pair. And he would definitely not buy them for himself, I don’t even think he knew they had mens clothes. At 6’3 he had a tough time finding sweats that were long enough. I knew Lululemon had long lengths and they custom hem. The cost per wear of these was TOTALLY worth it.

3. Workout Supplements

The perfect practical gift especially for young adults still in university or those that are into working out. I’ve linked to my favourite pre-workout energizer but BCAAs and protein powders are also great stocking stuffers for the active men in your life!

4. Phone Case

I am super pumped about this find! Not only is it masculine and original but it is also on sale!

5.  Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are practical and handy! This makes it the perfect gift for ANY man in your life!

6. Wallet

Are wallets not the quintessential Christmas gift? For good reason! It’s was rated one of the top pics in my survey of what men want.

7. Sunglasses

You can never have too many sunglasses! And these are a steal at $20!

8. Dressy Coat

I find this is one item guys don’t buy for themselves. Or they have one from 10 years ago that could use a little updating….ahem.

9. Bluetooth Speaker

This is such a handy gift that anyone can use! In fact, my husband bought me one for Christmas one year and the next year we bought it for Seth (18yrs)!  We use them all the time!

10. Video Games

If there is a time you are feeling generous about the video game situation, that time is Christmas! haha.

11. SAXX

They are a bit of an investment but these are hands down the best pair of underwear. They wash well and my husband swears there is nothing more comfortable. Since they are a bit pricey they make great Christmas presents and stocking stuffers for those hard to shop for guys!

12. Bose Headphones

A luxury but very practical purchase for the men in your life. If they travel often, use their laptop/ipad, like to listen to music or watch sports on their phone, this will be a fantastic and useful gift!

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