About Tranda


Hi! Welcome to Modernly Matched! My name is Tranda and I am a married mom of three children (well one adult (18) and two toddlers to be exact!) living on the Canadian prairies.

I have been a teen mom, single mom, working mom, newlywed mom, and mom-again in my mid and late thirties. Throughout life’s ups and downs, I have always persevered to accomplish my goals and found a way to not only make things work, but thrive.

From bringing my son to University classes when I couldn’t find a sitter, to travelling and dating as a single mom, competing in my first fitness competition at age 30, and then having two more children with my new husband, my life has been an adventure. I recently made the decision to leave my successful career in medical device sales to be a full-time Supermom.

Passionate about empowering others to be their best selves, I created Modernly Matched to share honest life experiences and provide practical advice. I know that being a mom is not easy, having faced many trials and tribulations of my own, and wish to build a compassionate community for Canadian moms to connect.

The name Modernly Matched comes from my love for matching my modern, blended family with fashion, but extends beyond coordinated clothing to encompass all of the choices I make as a mom to complement and unite each unique member of my family. Through useful parenting tips and tricks, Modernly Matched inspires and celebrates healthy, happy, and stylish family life.

My family motto has always been “it takes a village to raise a child” and I would love for you to join the Modernly Matched village of moms as we support, encourage and laugh together at all of the crazy things life (or our kids) throw at us 😉

I would really love to know YOUR story. Join the Modernly Matched tribe today and hit reply to the first email you get to tell me how motherhood motivates and challenges you! I read every email. Because you keep me going.

With Love,


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